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We are committed to reducing the impact on our beautiful planet.  We strive to use green practices when ever possible.  We choose to run our spray foam equipment with electricity whenever possible, instead of noisy, smoke emitting generators.  We reuse and recycle job materials when possible.  Our spray foam  is mostly made from recycled plastic, reducing our carbon footprint further!   A greener, more energy efficient home is a VT Foam Home!

Spray-applied polyurethane foam(SPF) is the leading choice for high R-value insulation.  It is applied under heat and high pressure directly to walls, roofs, concrete and more. With an R-value of nearly 7 per inch, and providing a superior water barrier, it is the most effective insulation available against our northerly climate.  SPF will keep your home warm and dry in the winter, and cooler on the hot summer days by keeping the heat out!

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